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Astronomer specializing in education and public outreach
Computer systems administrator and Linux specialist


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Headshot of Armando Caussade
2015–01–20, Armando Caussade in the South Pole, Antarctica
2015–01–06, Armando Caussade in McMurdo, Antarctica
2014–02–13, Armando Caussade in Fairbanks, Alaska
2013–04–23, Armando Caussade delivering a lecture
2012–06–05, Armando Caussade with his 80-millimeter telescope

Short Bio: March 2019

I am an astronomy educator with 30+ years of leadership involving public science initiatives, along with teaching experience at all levels. Ana G. Méndez University, where I established a flourishing astronomy extension program, has been my home institution since 2014. I regularly serve as a speaker and star party facilitator (following the philosophy of John Dobson's sidewalk astronomy), with live audiences reaching 5,000 per year and wide media coverage.

My career includes 20+ years as a computer systems administrator. I polished myself using Microsoft and Unix server platforms at federally qualified health centers, where I worked extensively with healthcare informatics. Seeking a change, in 2015 I switched to the Linux operating system and open source technology in general, which led me to become a Linux trainer and to start educating the public on its use as a desktop computer environment.

After a competitive process I was accepted into the 2014–2015 Antarctic season of PolarTREC, an NSF-funded program. In 2015 I traveled to the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station where I successfully conducted 10 days of work at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. I am likewise familiar with the Arctic, having visited and trained there twice under winter conditions.

My leadership roles include chairing for 6 years the Puerto Rico Astronomy Society, a NASA Space Grant-affiliated group that I joined at its founding in 1985, and where I started large projects of public outreach. In 2018 I established and became president of the Puerto Rico Linux Users Group, the first of its kind to achieve incorporation status in the island.

I additionally do writing, editing and translation work, both under my name and as a ghost writer. Being a published author led me in 2018 to start AC Publishing House, an online business using the Blurb Internet platform to market books directly to customers via on-demand printing. AC Publishing House can be found on the World Wide Web at