I. Computing resources I have developed

Reference material

1. HTML Color Reference Chart
2. Comparación de comandos de DOS y Unix (Spanish)
3. Bosquejo de Unix (Spanish)
4. Caracteres especiales del español y cómo escribirlos en una PC (Spanish)

5. Computing links — Links to my favorite websites and free software packages.
6. Computer line ending systems
7. Capacity of optical disc formats
8. Latest releases of software supporting Microsoft Windows XP

Articles and computing tips

2020-02-29 Scanning under GNU/Linux
2020-01-31 Data recovery with the GNU ddrescue utility

2019-12-31 Linux from Scratch: The best ever project to get to know your system
2019-11-30 Seven Reasons why to use GNU / Linux as a desktop computer system
2019-08-31 Install and link Oracle Java 6u45 to Mozilla Firefox 4 under Linux
2019-08-03 Disable UTC and use local time on Linux under multi-boot configurations

2019-08-03 Using the exFAT and NTFS file systems on Linux
2019-08-03 Using DPKG and APT to install software on Debian-based distributions of Linux
2019-06-01 Install and link Adobe Flash to web browsers under Ubuntu and Linux Mint
2019-04-30 Install Adobe Reader 9.5.5 under Debian-based distributions of Linux

II. Software I have developed


1. Install (Minimal) — Script to install basic terminal utilities in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
2. Install (Extended) — Script to install desktop applications on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.


1. Stellar Diameter (DOS) — The classic "Diameter" program that I released in 1999 (screenshot).
2. Stellar Diameter (Python) — The same program, ported in 2020 to run under Python 2.