Computing resources I have developed

I. Reference material

1. HTML Color Reference Chart
2. Comparación de comandos de DOS y Unix (Spanish)
3. Bosquejo de Unix (Spanish)
4. Latest releases of software supporting Microsoft Windows XP
5. Computing links — Links to over 50 free software packages. Must see!

II. Computing tips

1. Capacity of optical disc formats
2. Computer line ending systems
3. How to write mathematical symbols on a PC
4. Caracteres especiales del español y cómo escribirlos en una PC (Spanish)

5. Disable UTC and use local time on Linux under multi-boot configurations
6. Using the exFAT and NTFS file systems on Linux
7. Using DPKG and APT to install software on Debian-based distributions of Linux
8. Install and link Adobe Flash to web browsers under Ubuntu and Linux Mint
9. Install Adobe Reader 9.5.5 under Debian-based distributions of Linux
10. Install and link Oracle Java 6u45 to Mozilla Firefox 4 under Linux

III. Linux scripts (64-bit)

1. Install Applications — Bash script to install common utilities and desktop applications on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
2. Install Celestia — Bash script to force an installation of Celestia 1.6.1 on Ubuntu 16.04+ and Linux Mint 18+.

IV. DOS applications (16-bit)

1. Stellar Diameters — The classic "Diameter" program that I wrote in 1998 is available again; here is a screenshot.