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The unofficial website of the Puerto Rico Linux Users Group

On December 19, 2018 I established the Puerto Rico Linux Users Group (PRLUG), a member-based organization and the island's first ever GNU/Linux (henceforth "Linux") advocacy group to be incorporated as a local non-profit (#420044) and to receive legal recognition. As a computer science professional with an established career of 20+ years, I see myself in a position to lead such a project.

The mission of PRLUG is threefold: (1) To provide socializing opportunities for those interested in the Linux operating system. (2) To host public talks and meetings that will help to bring awareness of the Linux operating system. (3) To support classroom-led courses and workshops focusing on the Linux operating system and related open-source technologies.

Our plans for 2019 are the following: (1) We will start recruiting new members right after Christmas, from January 2019. (2) We will schedule Saturday workshops that will focus on Linux installation, basic administration, and use as a desktop system; these workshops will be taught by PRLUG members starting February 2019. (3) We will start scheduling periodic meetings, likely around March 2019. (4) We will plan a business meeting (i.e. members assembly) to be held no later than April 2019.

During the last 15 years there have been repeated calls for local free software enthusiasts to organize, with mixed results. Perhaps we as a people were not yet ready, or the technology still needed to be polished. But the time now is ripe. Linux is now a mature operating system that has been widely adopted on every field of industry. Also, a new generation of Puerto Ricans are now willing to embrace open source technologies, which are best exemplified by the Linux operating system.

We held a successful inaugural meeting on January 18, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which was attended by five enthusiastic members. Please join me to grow the Puerto Rico Linux Users Group and bringing awareness of open-source technology. Help me launch a movement that will help establish Puerto Rico as a worldwide leader in information technology.

Armando Caussade, GCSc, BS
Founder and President

Contact Information

José Ramos, Founder and Board Officer
(787) 612–5201, http://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-ramos-6788ba55/

Roberto León Sánchez, Founder and Board Officer
(787) 679–5160, http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertoleons/

Armando Caussade, Founder and President
(787) 531–6914, http://pr.linkedin.com/in/armandocaussade/

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Essential Links

Video clip: The Mind Behind Linux, TED 2016 interview with Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel.
Video clip: Free Software, Free Society, TEDx 2014 lecture with Richard M. Stallman, launcher of the GNU Project and the free software movement.

PDF book: Linux Notes for Professionals, a concise 64-page command reference book from GoalKicker.
PDF book: The Linux Command Line, a massive 550-page reference guide by William Shotts.
PDF book: The Cathedral and the Bazaar, a classic book of open-source computing by Eric S. Raymond.
PDF book: Free Software, Free Society (3rd edition), another classic by activist Richard M. Stallman.

Web portal: It's Free, Open Source, a portal focusing on open-source in general and Linux in particular.
Web portal: OMG! Ubuntu!, a portal covering Ubuntu and related activities in the Linux ecosystem.
Website: Linux From Scratch, a project that provides instructions for building a custom Linux system, entirely from source code.
Website: Red Hat Developer Resources, a collection of free guides (requires registration with Red Hat).

Training course: Beginner to Power User!, a complete Linux course (over 7 hours).
Training course: Complete Red Hat Linux Course: Beginner to RHCSA, which serves as preparation for the RHCSA test (over 13 hours).