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Computer systems administrator and multimedia specialist
Astronomer specializing in education and public outreach


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This website has been developed by Armando Caussade, a computer systems administrator with 20+ years of experience, and an astronomy educator with 30+ years of leadership involving public science initiatives. Most of the material on this site is provided under a Creative Commons licence, except for a few clearly-marked exceptions.

As the founder and head of AC Informatics, I recently established AC Informatics where I now provide services concentrating on file management and multimedia products. Need to scan a batch of documents, digitize your old negatives and slides, or maybe convert from VHS to DVD? Let me know and I will help you. For details please contact me at +1 (787) 531–6914 or

I am the founder and president of the Puerto Rico Linux Users Group (PRLUG), the island's first ever GNU/Linux advocacy group to be incorporated as a local non-profit. Please join me in developing the PRLUG and bringing awareness of open-source technology. We will also schedule Saturday workshops focus on the use of GNU/Linux as a desktop system. For details please contact me at +1 (787) 531–6914 or

My astronomy courses run all throughout the year, from February to June, and August to December, and in most cases enrollment can be completed via telephone. To sign up with my astronomy courses please call the following number: Ana G. Méndez University / Cupey campus / Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CEDES). Ask for Jennifer Cruz at +1 (787) 766–1717 ext. 6351, and please select option "9" before dialing the extension number.

This website was last updated on October 14, 2019.